Making the decision to sell your home can bring anxiety, uncertainty and even fear. Thankfully, there are a few common triggers for selling a home. Let’s run through a few: whether you’re having your first or your fourth child, financial distress, or a rise in home value can drastically affect your living situation. You may need to move into a new home with more space and/or a different floor plan to continue living comfortably.

School District
You want your kids to go to a good school. This is one of the most common motives for moving.

Job Relocation
If your or your spouse’s job is being relocated, there’s a good chance you’re ready to sell your home – not just for logistics, but also for the extra financial flexibility during the transition.

Commute Change
It’s not always a full-on job relocation that sparks the idea to move. Whether it’s by decision, or due to a layoff, sometimes changing careers or companies can have a big impact on your commute. Your home may simply be too far away from where you intend to work for the foreseeable future.

Financial Distress
If you’ve fallen into financial troubles, selling your home may a jumpstart to getting back on your feet (or, in more dire circumstances, a life raft for falling further into debt).

Financial Success
You have solid income and a desire for a bigger place or a different neighborhood. I say go for it!

Naturally, a relationship gone sour can lead to a home sale as you part ways.

Rise In Home Value
If homes values and prices in your area are rising and you have the seed of thought to sell, it might be time to start taking the idea more seriously while you can get maximum return on the home.

Drop in Home Value
Believe it or not, a drop in home value can often be an opportune time to sell. If your price is falling in cycle, chances are that other sellers are experiencing the same. Unless you’re prepared to wait it out for possibly years while the market creeps back up and in your favor, you may want to sell before you bottom out. There’s always the chance that you could still find a suitable seller in your desired range, especially with your competitors floundering or idling.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful or nerve-racking, even when challenges arise. I have the tools, resources and experience to help you sell your home at your price. Contact me today and let’s discuss.